The North's leading Martial Arts studio

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View our range of programs and classes here.



The North's leading Martial Arts studio

(01457) 860178 


View our range of programs and classes here.

Life changing

Evade Martial Arts in the centre of Glossop is much more than a martial arts school; it's a life changing studio with a team of internationally acclaimed coaches dedicated to helping you "become your best." 

Evade blackbelt school features award-winning programs for Pee Wee's (4's to 7's) & Juniors (8's to 14's), Mixed Adults & Ladies Only.
Our caring instructional staff believes in the traditional martial arts values such as respect, discipline and commitment.  We balance our teachings with progressive easy to learn and innovative methods to help you succeed.

Our history speaks for itself producing 100's of Blackbelts, numerous World, International and regional champions.


To me, Evade sets a standard of tuition that all others should aspire too!
— Sensei Joe Tierney 8th Dan Black Belt, President of World Karate & Kickboxing Council President Shorai Martial Arts International

adults martial arts programs

Practicing martial arts helps you feel safe and confident in today's society and provides 
an excellent way to manage stress, get in shape and feel great whilst learning some of the most effective self defence techniques

Martial Arts helps you become your best by offering you valuable success and life skills by instilling self confidence, discipline, and life balance.

You'll feel like a special person from the moment you come into our studio, you won't believe how friendly our students and staff are. We are a professional training facility in every sense. 

Go ahead and give our school a try!
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Junior martial arts programs

"Evade Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child!"

Through our martial arts training, discipline and positive reinforcement your child will develop what we proudly call the 4 S's: Self-Defence, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect.

Classes available for 4 year old upwards

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adults kickboxing

Kickboxing and Muay Thai are some of the oldest forms of competitive martial arts on the planet. These fighting styles utilize hand, elbow, knee, and foot strikes. 

Beginners are always welcome, you can start anytime and you don’t have to fight or spar to get into great shape!

The instructors bring a lifetime of dedication to the classes, worldwide training knowledge and actual experience fighting professionally at the highest of levels.

Evade has trained a number of champions and offers classes for beginners to experts alike. Mixed Adults & Ladies only classes available

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MEET The Team


MEET The Team

All of our instructors are fully qualified and have full DBS checks.

saiema heathcote

school manager and nutritional adviser

Evade Business Strategist and Marketing
Business & HR Degree BA (HONS)

“I am Evades Business and Marketing Director.
At Evade Martial Arts we have a consistent approach to ensure that our students are the key focus and drive behind all Evades strategies and motivates, and that YOU are number ONE. Through are dedication to our students our ethos, vision and mission and objectives it means we will always deliver to you outstanding training and advice in all areas we promote. I truly believe that becoming part of Evade Martial Arts & Fitness is life changing in more areas than one. Come and try to for yourself!”

Saiema has also set up and runs Infused Raw Health, a service that specialises in a wholistic approach to health.  Please click the link above to be directed to the website.

david breed

founder & chief instructor

“I first started Martial Arts when I was 13 years old, after being severely bullied at school, I needed to learn how to defend myself, so my parents took me to a class and I was hooked!
I have competed in many competitions winning many titles along my journey, winning the SHORAI national kickboxing title, Gold Medal at the WAKO championships in 1996 and I was also a member of the infamous ‘Warriors’ the UKs No.1 team in the early 1990’s, all this culminating in winning a GOLD medal at the Kick Ju Jitsu World Championships in Las Vegas in 1998. I first opened Evade in 1997 and it has grown into one of UK’s most established schools, with over 60 students achieving blackbelt, with many of our students winning British Championships and we have produced 4 World Champions!
I am extremely proud and honoured to have been involved in the growth and development of so many people, and I look forward to the having you and your family as part of ours!”

amanda quansah

senior instructor

“I first started training at the age of 16. My first martial arts training was full contact karate, obtaining a yellow belt. I then studied ju-jitsu, obtaining a green belt, I then started kung fu, and trained for 5 years getting my 1st black belt. My fourth martial art was freestyle karate, getting my 2nd and 3rd degree black belts with evade and still training to this present day!
I was selected by the England national kickboxing squad at 21yrs old and competed for over 10 years, winning numerous local competitions then 10 x British and 3x World titles, I also won the worlds 1st womens Kumite, an open weight tournament for competitors from any martial art system!
In teaching martial arts I have found my passion and purpose in life and what can be a greater gift than that?”

“Tired of feeling fatigued out of breath or need to get active look no further. Evade is the best place to train at, with all the great staff and masters available you cannot lose.”
— LM
“Evade is an excellent school. From day one of coming here I felt welcome, received quality training and still do to this day. Highly recommended place for anyone thinking of starting on their path of martial arts. 👍”
— RH



"I stared martial arts at evade when I was 11 years of age.  My mum encouraged me into evade to get me out of my bedroom and to socialise with others. I was a quite and shy child. It took me a while to take to things. It was thanks to the passion enthusiasm and care the instructor showed. That it made me feel appreciated by just taking part the instructors at Evade along with the philosophy they carry are so inspiring it has given me the mental strength resistance confidence and respect gained from nothing else I have tried.  With the skills I gained and determination I have I have tested my abilities many times and enjoyed every outcome in competitive combat sports  However, my passion lies to inspire and excite all our students with what I have learnt and achieved this brings me meaning in my life and always leaves me waiting impatiently for the next day - to do it all again."



"I have studied a great number of Martial Arts systems, too numerous to mention here, for over 50 years and have been a successful combatant in many of them.  The martial art system that I teach at this present time is Giri Shan Kobudo is an eclectic system selected from the various arts that I have studied.  A while ago I was asked which did I prefer to be perceived as a fighter or an instructor? I would rather be seen as a good instructor rather than a fighter, because teaching is long term and fighting is short term, it is my belief at this point in my life that a greater respect comes from good instruction, and it sure beats the hell out of blood, broken bones and bruises!"

Sensei Pete Metcalfe is our resident street defence specialist.  His classes focus around learning techniques to keep you safe in everyday life and giving you the confidence to go out and live life without worry.

His classes teach both the theory and practice of street defence.  It teaches you how to be aware of your surroundings and what to watch out for with the primary aim of avoiding conflict in the first place. And in the event a conflict may find you, his classes will have taught you the necessary skills to defend yourself an deal with the most common situations.

Stay safe, don't be a target.

Martin McDonnell


I first started training in martial arts at the age of ten. I joined because a friend from school started and asked me to go with him; I was too shy to go alone! The feeling of achieving new belts, learning new techniques and the passion from the instructors at Evade kept me coming back. 
As I grew older I began to study other combat sports such as Judo, freestyle wrestling and jiu jitsu to further my knowledge in martial arts. This drew me to mixed martial arts which fascinated me because you had even more options with which to overcome your opponent. Blending striking techniques into throws or take downs and following up with submissions is fantastic because there are variations at every range so there is no need to be one dimensional. I enjoy seeing people progress and having fun while learning new techniques and achieving their personal goals. In my time at Evade I have earned my Blackbelt and won various medals and trophies through competition including two bronze medals for kickboxing, earning me a spot on the British kickboxing squad. 


"I can’t recommend Evade highly enough - becoming a member was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. There’s always a positive, supportive and friendly atmosphere in class and the Sensei’s are always so passionate about teaching martial arts and helping you improve. The whole family now train at Evade several times a week and my son absolutely loves the junior classes too."

Lisa Callaghan - Facebook Review


All of our instructors provide world class coaching and their only aim is to get the best from you and to help you to achieve your goals.
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“Evade sets the standard that all others should aspire too." Sensei J. Tierney 8th Dan

Quality students come from quality instruction! Our instructors are graduates of intensive training, and their methods are constantly improved and updated through continued training. We promise to give you the most professional martial arts instruction available anywhere!


“Evade sets the standard that all others should aspire too." Sensei J. Tierney 8th Dan

Quality students come from quality instruction! Our instructors are graduates of intensive training, and their methods are constantly improved and updated through continued training. We promise to give you the most professional martial arts instruction available anywhere!

Having served the community in the instruction of martial arts for 15 years, it is our pleasure to welcome you and your children to the most comprehensive martial arts programs in the area.

Having members from 4 years upwards, EVADE is available to all, our programs will guide you toward greater confidence and discipline as you improve your balance, control and flexibility.

“I was involved in Martial Arts for over 40 years. I travelled world wide seeking training methods.

I became training partner to UK Kick-boxing legend and innovator Lance Lewis.

I met David Breed through Martial Arts Illustrated Editor Bob Sykes, who noticed David had great martial arts ability, he was always finding ways and methods to develop himself. In 1998 he asked me to coach him for his World Championship Fight in Las-Vegas.

He has all the attributes: skill in movement, high level of fitness and high level of mental strength.

Now Dave can channel all that experience and attitude in coaching at a world class standard. He can cater for any level of experience and help you reach your dreams in the Martial Arts World
— Dave Barry, Internationally Acclaimed Martial Arts coach

Evade welcomes you and we would love to see you join and achieve your best.  Please click the button below to find information on the classes we offer and to receive a free induction session.