The Adult Kickboxing Classes are for ages 14 and up. Kickboxing fighting styles utilise hand, elbow, knee and foot strikes.

  These sessions will greatly increase physical fitness and improve your mental attitude, developing a discipline and drive.  The sessions are taught by internationally acclaimed instructors of whom bring a lifetime of dedication and experience to the classes, worldwide training knowledge and personal experience fighting at the highest levels.

  Evade has trained a number of champions and offers classes for beginners and experts alike.  For beginners there is no need to spar and mixed adults and ladies only classes are available.

Testimonial - Ryan Thurlow
'I started at Evade training Martial arts after many years of being a bodybuilder/weight trainer.  I took up the offer of the free class pass to try the Martial Arts training with no risk.  I was being disillusion with training just to get ‘big’ to soothe my ego and trying to impress people.  The offer of training in Martial Arts came at the right time and I can honestly say it was the BEST decision of my Life”.

In the 4 years since I walked on the Mat, I have achieved my Brown belt, fought competitively and won Gold in my first ever Submission Grappling tournament.  Not only that Evade and the Evade family has turned me from a sometime ‘sullen, irrational depressive’ into a ‘happy, content and the most importantly healthy individual.

I have now trained at a few gyms on my travels and without a shadow of doubt, not one bit of training I have received has compared to the training at Evade, the mental, technical and physical.

Dave Breed and his team have set a standard we should all aspire too….all that is left is for you or your child to put in the same effort they do and the rewards will be greater than you could ever imagine,

Testimonial - Joanne Ashton
'I started at Evade for the fitness then progressed over the years to achieve my 1st Dan (amazing feeling).  Then I carried on enjoying the training and fantastic atmosphere now I have achieved my 2nd Dan nearly a year ago.

Evade is a fantastic club to train at, great instructors (the best) and nice people to work with.  Both my kids also train here and have done really well.'


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