Never Trained in Martial Arts?  Don't worry!

   For many, choosing to train in martial arts is one of the most beneficial decisions ever made.  This is as a result of the innumerable benefits one can gain from it.  The benefits of training can be seen in all aspects of both students and instructors lives.  Martial Arts improves fitness, self-confidence, self-discipline and offers the skills to defend yourself amongst many other benefits such as flexibility or improved awareness.

  'Evade gives you key skills and a mindset that will help you through life. It teaches dedication, discipline (and self-discipline), general kindness and it give the mindset to conquer. Evade is awesome and a vibrant place to learn.'
- Matthew Bate, aged 17, 3rd Brown Belt

  Martial Arts is a traditional combat sport that originated in Eastern-Asia, in countries such as China and Japan.  Although martial arts is characterised as a combat sport, we do not teach students fight, we teach students to defend themselves with a core belief that β€˜it is better have the skills to defend yourself and never need too rather than need the skills to defend yourself and not have them.  At Evade we offer you the opportunity to learn these skills.

  At Evade Blackbelt School we ensure that it is practiced in a safe environment.  At Evade Blackbelt School we specialize in the teaching of Freestyle Martial Arts, Kickboxing and also Boxing.  Freestyle Martial Arts is a form of martial arts of which takes techniques and practices from numerous different disciplines, taught in our Adults, Junior and Little Ninja’s Programs.

  Here at Evade we teach only the most effective techniques in our own specially developed syllabus that focuses on the functionality and effectiveness of techniques in context so as to provide you with the highest quality service possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ Will everybody else be fitter and more advanced than me, I don't want to be embarrassed?

  • Within each age program, classes are split into three separate sessions: the Cadets, the Blackbelt Members and finally the Masters Class. Students train in different classes based on their skill, the grade of their belt and their attendance. When you begin your training you will begin your journey in the Cadets class and therefore be with fellow students of likeminded ability and fitness. We also teach and ensure a fun and supportive attitude within our gym where all students aim to help not only themselves but those around them and so with regards to getting embarrassed, there is really no need to worry!

'I think that Evade is an awesome place because you can train with really nice people who will help you when you’re stuck with something.' - Matthew Carrol, aged 13, Green Belt

+ What's the coach like? I don't want to feel intimated (like at most martial arts places).

  • The quality of instruction at Evade Blackbelt School is second to none with all instructors obtaining world class status, not only based on the skill of our instructors but also their ability to understand the needs of our students and cater their instruction to meet your needs and provide only the highest quality service. Many other martial arts schools try to exert power over their students in order to present themselves as being strong individuals in order to validate the effectiveness of their training in creating a strong individual, however, this often results in a lack of a connection with students and an ineffective teaching style. At Evade we believe in respect and a cooperative teaching style in which we aim to work with you to achieve your best, adapting our lessons and teaching styles to suite the individual.

'This is the best school I've ever seen - the methods, the discipline,
the mentality and the way they teach, just fantastic!' - Dori Tatri

+ Will it be expensive?

  • Evade offers the best value tuition with monthly fees starting at only Β£24 of which includes access to our morning/lunch classes throughout the week along with open access to use our Fitness & conditioning facilities for personal training throughout the month. The price of monthly tuition for evening classes varies depending on the level of sessions attended. We also offer payments for individual classes, which start from just Β£6 and private tuition starting from just Β£25 per session. We believe that the quality of our tuition as a result of the many years of experience our instructors possess is unparalleled in the local areas. The cost of training is greatly outweighed by the worth of the skills and benefits obtained by training. We are dedicated to your outcome, not our income.

'Give us a try, discover the difference @ Evade!'

+ What will the first session be like? Will it be too intensive?

  • Not at all, our sessions are designed to push you to encourage maximum growth but we understand that it is important you feel comfortable and get use to the training here at Evade when you first begin. Before you ever attend a session we will book you in for a free one to one private session in which one of our senior instructors will talk you through some of the basic techniques in an extremely relaxed session, showing you the key concepts and ideas of martial arts. When you attend your first session we will partner you with one of our students who will help guide you through the lesson, offering help, advice and support if needed.

β€œI have now trained at a few gyms on my travels and without a shadow of doubt, not one bit of training I have received has compared to the training at Evade, the mental, technical and physical. Dave Breed and his team have set a standard we should all aspire too….all that is left is for you or your child to put in the same effort they do and the rewards will be greater than you could ever imagine” - Ryan Thurlow

Why do people train?

  At Evade every individual trains for a unique reason and this is something we understand, as a result we adapt our instruction and training to suit each individual student in our school.  Students also make the decision to train with us at various times in their lives and this can be in response to a variety factors, such as a change in health, a development of an interest or even inspiration from friends.

  Regardless of your age or reason to join, you will receive the best tuition we can deliver, there is no one our programs are unsuitable.  You will train in vibrant and driven classes to help you become the best you can be.

  Listed below are four of the main reasons students choose to train at Evade:

  Martial Arts provides an excellent way to improve your fitness, this is recognized by leading sports individuals and across all cultures.  If this is your motivation, be confident that this is one of the most effective ways to build functional strength, flexibility and stamina.  You will notice the benefits of an improved fitness throughout your everyday live, not just in training, with more energy and motivation to complete tasks.  In addition, we also incorporate a heath culture into our school, promoting a healthy lifestyle through the food we eat and attitudes to overcome challenges in life.

  We have had numerous students enter our gym with an illness or injury and leave feeling better than they have ever felt before.  We provide students with the mindset and fitness to conquer and become world champions.  Our gym has helped to achieve to achieve world class status along with personal training for professional footballers such as Steven Ireland and comedian Jason Manford.

  It is too often that we have prospecting students come to us after a traumatic incident in which they may have been attacked or possibly heard of someone who has.  

  No one should be made to feel scared or victimized, one of the main aims of the Adult Freestyle Martial Arts Program is to make you feel safe and confident in today's society, by joining and attending sessions you will learn the most effective self defense techniques enabling you to identify and notice risks - avoiding conflict before it occurs – along with how to defend yourself in the event it finds you.  Again, we do not teach students fight, we teach students to defend themselves with a core belief that β€˜it is better have the skills to defend yourself and never need too rather than need the skills to defend yourself and not have them’.

  If this is the reason for you wanting to join Evade and begin training in martial arts, at Evade we can give you these skills to enable you to stay confident, stay safe and to protect yourself and those around you from harm.  

  Many of our students choose to train in martial arts in order to gain self-confidence and discipline.  Martial arts is a great way to grow as a person, to push yourself to new limits and achieve things you never thought you could.  At Evade we offer you a safe and comfortable place that will inspire you to grow from the amazing people around you and the attitude we try to instill whilst helping you along the way.

  Confidence is not something we can teach, it is something that you develop. It is a mindset and an attitude to life.  Our students face life with an unbelievable confidence and courage whether it be tackling every day obstacles or delivering speeches to halls of people.  Upon joining Evade we hope to instill this mindset of self-confidence and empowerment and we offer you the facilities in which you can achieve this.

Learn a new skill:
  Martial Arts is a traditional combat sport, dating back to the 16th century and originating in Eastern-Asia, in countries such as China and Japan.  It is one of the oldest know art forms and one that many people attempt to master through hard work and determination.  Often students choose to begin training in martial arts in order to learn a new skill and to enrich their lives.

  Evade is the one of the best places to learn martial arts.  Every single one of our instructors are world renowned as a result of their skill, dedication and excellent teaching styles.  Every instructor has been a World Champion along with Sensei Amanda Quansah and Master Instructor David Breed who have been inducted into the Martial Art’s Hall of Fame with David Breed receiving a second nomination this year.  Here at Evade we offer you the highest level of tuition from unparalleled coaches, the experience and knowledge we offer will only enhance your learning experience.

  In every sport and in every skill, students begin with a determination to succeed and achieve a certain goal, here at Evade we strive to maintain that mindset and attitude with many of our students going on to achieve Black Belt status and beyond.  We invite you to join and begin your journey with us.  Please click the link below to achieve a free induction at your convenience.

   We cannot convey to you the benefit of training in martial arts.  All too often do we here the phrase, β€˜I wish I’d have started training earlier’.  Don’t wait until it is too late, start now and see the benefits for yourself.